A Farrier you can trust.


... working hard to provide the best customer care.


I try hard to produce the best results in everything I do. Quality and customer satisfaction is my number one goal.


... to putting you and your horses' needs first


Dedicated to continuing education, pursuing the highest quality job, and most importantly, putting you and your horses’ needs first.


... rooted in honesty and trustworthiness


I have a reputation of being honest and trustworthy. I stand behind my work and my clients.

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Would you like to take your hoofcare skills to the next level?

Whether as a horse owner, barefoot trimmer or farrier, you can learn valuable hoof care skills that provide immediate benefit. Olsen Equine clinics are an investment that typically pays for itself in a year. Learn more about our 2019 clinics!
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Customer Reviews

“Lee is a great farrier and what sets him apart is his horsemanship skills and understanding the needs of the horse for all disciplines.”

Rickey Green, Morgan Mill, TX
“Lee has a feel for the horse and the customer, and that’s a great combination for a successful farrier. His knowledge and quality of work, accuracy of his appointments is the reason I recommend him.”
“In today’s times of busy schedules and hurrying everywhere we go, it is nice to know that the horses you love and care for are taken care of when it comes to your farrier. In the last two years, Lee has proven to stay consistent with keeping my roping horses well shod and balanced. I have had no lameness issues, praise GOD since Lee has shown up to 4 Spades ♠ Land & Cattle, LLC to take over as the number one farrier for the ranch.

Lee prides himself on:
1.) Presentation and cleanliness, before and after the job.
2.) Patience & dedicated to shoe one precise and balanced.
3.) Loves and cares for your horses as much as you do.
4.) Easy electronic billing process for accountability.”

4 Spades Land & Cattle, Weatherford, TX

Resources, Events & News

Annual X-Rays

Have you ever considered getting x-rays taken of a sound horse’s feet? Crazy thought, isn’t it? Why would anyone want to waste money when there isn’t anything wrong? A lot [...]