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Don’t Tell Me How to Do My Job

Have you ever experienced someone taking offense at being told how they were supposed to do something? I have witnessed it a lot, and it can especially true with farriers. I’ve heard people complain about how a horse owner insisted on a certain way to [...]

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2018 Trimming & Shoeing Clinics- Dupree, SD

Learn a Skill that Will Last a Lifetime: Trimming & Shoeing Clinics Gain Valuable Tools: The basic skills to safely trim and shoe your own horses Important hoof care maintenance How the foot functions Recognize early warning signs of unsoundness About the Clinic: Comfortable learning environment Suitable for men and women of all ages Clinic usually pays for itself in a year or less 8 spaces available per clinic Cost: June 15-17, 2018, [...]

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Have you ever looked at a terrible shoeing and thought to yourself, “That horse must be hard to shoe?” Usually, the first reaction seems to question what the farrier did wrong or what he could have done better. You rarely hear anything about how bad [...]

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