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An Investment with Long-term Impact

What I enjoy the most about teaching shoeing clinics is how it changes lives forever.

Things that you will never lose:

  1. Knowing what to look for in a trim or shoeing and be able to recognize early warning signs that can cause serious soundness problems.
  2. Having the ability to replace lost shoes or trim in emergency situations. There are a lot of people that would be completely shut down if they lost a shoe. If they had the knowledge of how to put it back on, they would be back in business in minutes! 

-Lee Olsen

Host, Learn & Save!

Hosting an Olsen Equine Training Event is great way to offer a 3-day or 5-day training to friends, family, neighbors and other equine enthusiasts… and it can save you a little cash! If you’re interested in partnering with Lee Olsen to bring this opportunity to your equine community, contact Lee Olsen to learn more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age, gender, size restrictions?2017-01-12T06:04:30+00:00

No, I truly believe that I can teach anyone how to trim and shoe their horses.

Why does it have to be a hands-on clinic?2017-01-12T06:04:07+00:00

You can tell people about something, but until they experience it first-hand they won’t truly understand.

Will I be a Professional Farrier when the Clinic is over?2017-01-12T05:59:59+00:00
  • No, you will not be a professional farrier right away. It takes a long time and a lot of education to become a professional. Seems to take around four years or so no matter how you go about it to become a Professional Farrier.
  • You will be confident and ready to start trimming and shoeing your own personal horses when the clinic is over.

“The Lee Olsen Shoeing Clinic has been very beneficial to me. I went to the school this summer in Dupree, SD to learn how to shoe my own horses. When I left the clinic I not only knew how to correcly put a shoe on, but gained knowledge about horses and what to look for. Lee was very knowledgeable and taught us about horses and not only about nailing shoes on. I would recommend Lee to any level horseman that wanted to learn how to shoe and shoe confidently. I went to the school to shoe and trim for myself and has paid for itself time and time again. There is lots of money to be made in the farrier business and if someone was interested in making a career out of shoeing I would recommend going to one of Lee’s clinics to get started.”

Layne Carson, Grassy Butte, ND

“I went to Lee Olsen’s school last summer and have nothing bad to say about it. Throughout the class, Lee had an unbelievable amount of patience trying to teach me how to properly shoe a horse. I learned not only how to put shoes on a horse but the anatomy and even understood how to be a better horseman. Lee provided everything we needed for the class, which gave me no excuses to learn how to become and build myself to be a successful farrier.”

Blake Williams, Faith, SD

“There is more to learn about horseshoeing than you think. If you go to a school you’ll learn more about a horse than you expected, I know I did. It’s a great stepping stone to eventually going to bigger schools and learning more about shoeing. It could lead to a great career, just like Lee’s. Even if you don’t want to make it a career, it will save you money in the long run just shoeing your own horses.”

Wrye Williams, Broadus, MT

This is a video Lee likes to show at his clinics to give more understanding about what the hoof goes through.

Lee likes to show this video at his clinics to showcase some of the best farriers in the industry.

“Many horse owners do not have a full understanding of how an equine athlete needs to be trimmed or shod. I have fallen under this category. I have experienced a few different farriers for different reasons. I have a head horse that needed her coffin joints injected because of improper shoeing and too much pressure on the coffin joint. After switching to Lee Olsen the horse has not had a single problem with her front feet. As I got ready to sell this horse the customer had a pre-purchase exam done. Once X-Rays of the feet had been taken, the vet made a statement including, “If this horse had not been shod properly then you would have some major problems with the coffin joint, whoever is shoeing this horse is doing a nice job.” Lee takes his time and makes sure he is fitting the horse’s needs. I live two hours from Lee; I appreciate his care and passion for my horses, and I will drive to him to ensure my horses’ feet are being taken well care of.”

Clay Deen, Wills Point, TX; Team roper
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