Post surgery hoof restoration

Check Out This Post Surgery Hoof Restoration! Helping Horses Is Awesome! Check out this post keratoma surgery hoof restoration! This horse had a lot going on! She has had multiple abscesses for over a year, which wrecked the hoof over time. We used a Mustad Libero and...

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Horse hoof restoration

Satisfying Horse Hoof Restoration! A step by step guide of the hows and why’s of horse shoeing! Very satisfying video of a horse hoof restoration, complete with a step by step instructions by Lee Olsen Certified Journeyman Farrier. 

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Glue on horse shoes?

GLUE ON HORSE SHOES?! Check this out!  Check out these glue on shoes on a mare with Laminitis! Certified Journeyman Farrier shows how to apply @Mustad Hoofcare St. Croix Advantage shoes modified into glue on shoes by Hanton horseshoes. This is a famous brood mare that...

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Reimagining the Farrier Model

By Katie Navarra After realizing he couldn’t make more by doing more, Lee Olsen transformed his traditional farrier business into a profitable 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job that leaves plenty of time for family. Before Lee Olsen turned 30 back pain kept him from lifting his...

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What does it take to tack on a shoe?

What does it take to just "tack on a shoe?" Have you ever been to a big event and “It” happens... You have lost a shoe! What to do now? When your horse loses a shoe, it’s a lot like having a tire blowout. Not a big deal if you have the tools and know how to fix it....

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