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What does your horse do all day?

How long do you spend riding your horse each day? How much time does he spend turned out in a pasture? How many hours is he kept in a stall each day? The answer to these questions play a definite role in your horse’s hoof health. The correct footing is uber-important...

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Annual X-Rays

Have you ever considered getting x-rays taken of a sound horse’s feet? Crazy thought, isn’t it? Why would anyone want to waste money when there isn’t anything wrong? A lot of farriers have a good eye and can keep a horse on the right track. However, getting annual...

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Meet your hero

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your hero? The famous movie star, a professional athlete or a master of your craft? Then go for it! Take a step out and meet your hero, one of the leaders you admire within a specific field. I don’t care who they...

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Kick him in the belly

Have you ever seen a horse being beat on while it’s being shod? A horse acts up while shoeing and someone says kick him in the belly! Or smacks him with a rasp! While I can appreciate a horse owner approving of disciplining their animal, hitting them rarely, if ever,...

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Don’t skip the pony

Who’s got a miniature pony? Everybody needs at least one. They can be a lot of fun to have around for young kids, serve as a companion pony, or even as a cute pasture ornament. As much fun as ponies can be, they require a certain amount of special care. As you might...

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My Horse Threw a Shoe

Have you ever had a horse lose a shoe? Chances are, that if you have ever had a shod horse you’ve most likely experienced the frustrations that come with a thrown shoe. Whose fault is it? Is it because the farrier did a poor job applying the shoe? That’s usually where...

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I Want a Second Opinion

Have you ever had to make a big decision and known in your heart you were right, only to find out later you were wrong? I don’t care who you are or what you do, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will. I believe one of the most valuable things you can do is get a second...

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America Needs Us!

Do you remember that time when you were out in public and ran into a rude person? You know, the guy or lady that ruined your day or gave it their best shot? Did you ever wonder why they had to be like that? I think it’s important to be nice to everyone, especially...

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Don’t Tell Me How to Do My Job

Have you ever experienced someone taking offense at being told how they were supposed to do something? I have witnessed it a lot, and it can especially true with farriers. I’ve heard people complain about how a horse owner insisted on a certain way to shoe the horse,...

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Have you ever looked at a terrible shoeing and thought to yourself, “That horse must be hard to shoe?” Usually, the first reaction seems to question what the farrier did wrong or what he could have done better. You rarely hear anything about how bad the situation may...

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Don’t Touch the Heels!

Have you ever heard others complain that, "My farrier cut all the heel off?" Or perhaps you’ve even said yourself, "Don't touch the heels, that's how the last guy crippled him." I'm sure I have at least thousands of times. It's a misconception, however, to think that...

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Hoof Care Neglect

Hoof Care Neglect, as published in the Dally Times, March 2017 In my experience, hoof care neglect is one of the worst things that can happen to your horse. When the foot grows too long, it creates a lot of leverage and stress. This stress causes hoof distortion,...

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Professional Development

Professional Development with World Champion Blacksmiths Lee was working on his forging skills at the World Championship Blacksmiths' winter clinic at Flatland forge, Midland, TX, this January 14-15, 2017. Professional development is both a priority and and investment...

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