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We are proud of our team that works hard every day to pursue excellence in hoof care services, in providing valuable resources for our greater network, and just doing the next right thing.


Lee Olsen, CJF

Owner & Manager

I’ve been a horseman at heart for as long as I can remember, and I’m grateful to be able to live out that dream each day in my career.

I grew up on a cattle ranch in western South Dakota, where I learned to understand the meaning of dedication and hard work. My love of horses transformed to rodeoing and training horses.

After obtaining my certification as an industrial electrician in 2007, I continued rodeoing and training horses. Qualifying for the PRCA Badlands Circuit Finals twice in the team roping, winning Badlands Rookie of the Year in 2005. Since then, I have been mainly focusing on the farrier industry.

In 2008, I married the love of my life, Jamie Olsen. Together we moved to Texas in 2010. We had our first son, Trace, in 2012, and our second son Eli was born in 2020. We love being able to ranch and rodeo together as a family. Jamie is a Nurse Practitioner and rodeos professionally in PRCA barrel racing.

As we put down roots in Texas, my farrier business began to grow. I earned my AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier Certification and formed Olsen Equine. Olsen Equine is a multi-farrier practice and offers a four-year apprenticeship, complete with a state-of-the-art climate-controlled farrier shop. My business has become an industry leader for equine education, offering online resources and educational clinics across the country for both farriers and horse owners.

My passions show through in all aspects of my work and life, from being a farrier, a horseman, a husband and father, to helping people be successful in all areas of their life.

Kelton Harris, CJF

  • No Previous Shoeing History
  • Olsen Equine Summer Clinic in 2019
  • Start Date: August 1, 2019
  • Passed Certified Farrier: January 11, 2020
  • Passed Certified Journeyman Farrier: October 2, 2021
  • Future goals: Work towards achieving my Therapeutic Endorsement from the AFA while at Olsen Equine
I’m Kelton Harris and I’m 21 years old. I am originally from Hot Springs, SD but moved to Brock TX about 3 years ago to start my apprenticeship at Olsen Equine.
I’ve grown up around horses and the western way of life, but never was hooked on one aspect until I signed up for a horse shoing clinic that Lee was holding in SD. With NO previous shoing experience, I had spoke with him about applying for his apprenticeship program and the rest is history.
I had moved down to TX and in just five short months after starting my apprenticeship I had obtained my CF, and continued my education for another year and a half to obtain my CJF. Since then I’ve competed in various forging competitions, winning overall and high point in the TPFA forging contest Div 1.
I am currently working towards getting my Therapeutic Endorsement, as well as practicing for upcoming forging competitions such as the AFA Nation Conventions Forging competition, World Championship Blacksmith competitions, and the TPFA Forging competition.

Jeb Hunt, CJF

  • No Previous Shoeing History
  • Olsen Equine Summer Clinics in 2017 & 2020
  • Start Date: September 18th, 2020
  • Passed Certified Farrier: October 16th, 2021
  • Passed Certified Journeyman Farrier: June 25th, 2022
I’m Jeb Hunt, and I live at Olsen Equine currently as part of my apprenticeship. I am 25 years old and am 2 years into my apprenticeship and recently just passed my CJF.
I grew up on a ranch around Faith, SD with my family, who raise around 80 head of registered quarter horses a year and have an annual production sale every year for the last 30 years and run a good sized cow/calf operation as well.
After I graduated from high school in 2016 I decided college was not for me so I stayed on the ranch for 4 years helping take care of the place as well as my grandfather. During that time I attended the Western College Of Auctioneering in Billings, MT for 2 weeks to get my certification in that. After working in a sale barn for two years I decided that wasn’t really for me and decided to attend my second Olsen Equine hoof care clinic in the summer of 2020 and shortly after Lee approached me with an offer to become an apprentice for him in Texas.
After my apprenticeship I’d like to move back up north and provide good hoof care for horses there and still be involved with my family operation as well.
My other hobbies while I’m here in Texas are becoming a better horsemen and roper as well.

Sandy Southway

Office Manager

Sandy grew up rodeoing in her home state of Colorado, where she developed a passion for performance horses. She pursued this by attending Texas Tech University where she achieved a degree in Animal Science. Sandy still competes in barrel racing with her own horses, and loves to help get our client horses feeling their best and performing at the top level!

Hollis Wilhite

  • No Previous Shoeing History
  • Start Date: 2020
  • Passed Certified Farrier: June 2024

Hi, I’m Hollis Wilhite. I’m 16 years old and I live in Brock, Texas. I’m a Certified Farrier at Olsen Equine CJF. I started working for Lee in 2020 doing day labor and I consistently did this for almost 2 years until Lee offered me a spot in his apprenticeship program to become a farrier. I recently passed my CF certification in June of 2024. Now I’m working towards my passing my Journeyman certification.

Jed Bingham

Hi my name is Jed Bingham, I’m 21 years old and I started my apprenticeship at Olsen Equine on February 19, 2024. I grew up in the small town of Loop Texas, just an hour south of Lubbock. After high school I moved to Stephenville where I attended Tarleton State for a semester when I realized that the classroom wasn’t for me. I stayed in the area however working as a welder, but always felt like something was missing. I then meet Kelton Harris, a fellow apprentice of Lee’s, and he introduced me to Lee. After my week long apprenticeship trail I talked to Lee about starting here in Brock and I’ve been on board ever since. My goals here at Olsen Equine are to work towards my Certified Farrier certification, then towards my Journeyman in the future.
Tiffany Cox
May 31, 2022.
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Lee and his crew are absolutely amazing! They are completely professional and highly knowledgeable. I have a 1D barrel horse who had surgery four years ago. He has never been 100% sound since that time. I have had several farriers work on him unsuccessfully. Lee designed shoes for him based on his radiographs, watching him travel evaluating how he tracked and hit the ground. In two shoeing cycles my horse is 100% sound and feels fantastic!!! I am SO happy with my experience and highly recommend Lee and his crew at Olsen Equine CJF!!
britta strain
May 30, 2022.
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Been coming here for a couple months now & Lee Olsen has really helped turn my horses feet around! He works with my schedule to keep my horses on track & their feet are looking great. Highly recommend their work.
Jennifer Sanders
December 13, 2021.
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I can’t say anything, but great things about ALL of the guys at Olsen Equine. Lee has done amazing things with our gelding (and our other two mares) when everyone else was quick to give up on him. He literally takes pride in his work, if it is watching a run on video to see how he can help, watching a horse move, or phone calls with the vet to get a plan on an injury. He is always eager to help in any way. Top notch facility with a top notch staff.
Tina Svajda
December 1, 2021.
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If I were able to provide Lee Olsen, CJF and his staff a 10 plus I most certainly would!! I have a 22 yr old Arabian who began showing early signs of laminitis & foundering. Our amazing vet, Dr Amanda Lawson of Trinity Equine, recommended that we pay a visit to Lee Olson, CJF at Olsein Equine for specialized treatment. LEE Is remarkable!! He evaluated Skye and established a treatment for her including padding the bottom of her hooves, using a metal shield to protect the padding and frog; and using Glue on horseshoes to avoid injuring her tender feet! We saw an immediate difference in her step and her temperament! It was amazing! We are so blessed that Lee was introduced into our lives and family. These shoes not only have given Skye quality of life again,they have lasted For several weeks without fail!! If you need assistance with your family member Lee is your man! His compassion and love for these magical creatures show in his actions and his work!
Blondie Lee
July 12, 2021.
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What a great staff and shoe job! Kind, courteous and professional. Thank you Olsen Equine!
Stacey Sontag-Turner
April 10, 2021.
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I highly recommend Olsen Equine if you need and want the best for your horses.
Sean Tom
February 5, 2021.
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Friendly staff and first rate service
Josh M
September 9, 2020.
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Very knowledgeable and master of his craft. Takes the time and patience to let you know what he is doing with your horse (laminitic in our case). Very caring which goes a long way in my opinion. Top notch!!!
Jason Miller
January 21, 2020.
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These guys are the best in my books supper nice facility very professional and polite I took lee a horse that was getting sore on his front feet he worked closely with my vet and went above and beyond to correct the problem the horse is working great thank you
Samantha Baker
January 2, 2020.
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Really amazing farrier, takes his time & truly is an expert in his profession. Easy access, large enough for a big rig to turn around, AC/heat, has great apprentices, always offers water bottles & has a restroom. Highly recommend for any performance horses


Tyler Robinson, CJF

    • No Previous Shoeing History
    • Olsen Equine Summer Clinic 2017
    • Start Date: January 2018
    • Passed Certified Farrier: January 2019
    • Passed Certified Journeyman Farrier: June 2020
    Hi, I’m Tyler Robinson. Being born in 1998 making me a sharp 24 year old! I am currently outside of Tampa, Florida. I was born and raised in Montana, ranching to farming and then roping any chance I could get. As soon as I graduated high school I immediately hit the road for TEXAS! I never really knew what I was doing besides going to the best location in the world to rope. Rodeo was a huge idol for me at that time. After a year in college I went to one of Lee’s clinics up north and ended up practicing on all of my family’s horses while I was home for the summer. Was blessed to be going to school within an hour of where the Olsens lived so on the days I wasn’t going to school or rodeoing I would work over with Lee. He gave me the apprenticeship opportunity and I ended up taking 2 months of steadily working with him before I gave the okay that I would commit. Something like that is a large commitment on both ends and people nowadays take no care in the world for their “word”. I never finished college and moved out to the Olsen’s in their barn apartment. I sold all my horses and really dropped everything to become as good as I could as fast as I could in the farrier world.
    Lee is one of the best mentors, teachers, and simply person to learn from/be around. The Olsens are every bit of family to me. We ended up getting my Certified Journeyman a little longer than two years. A big accomplishment with a lot of learning. I would always remember Lee saying, “If you’re getting frustrated then it means you’re learning”. I was DEFINITELY learning!
    Then as everything was rolling in my farrier world I ended up growing extremely close to Jesus and built a relationship with Him. (Before I just knew about Him and was always scared about where I would end up after death.) Praise God I now KNOW Him and quit running from something I knew I was supposed to be doing since I was just a lil kid. God put it deep in my heart at a young age to preach His Word around the World and share the fire of God to light up all of the dead religious churches. God is real, His Power is real, and He wants to show you Him! With everything being said.. I ended up moving to Florida with an entire God story, which would last all night, to be attending Bible school for a year before fully going out into the world 100%. I have already been blessed to be able to preach a couple times and know I will be even more before school is over.
    I will still be shoeing horses down here but not as a priority. I am building a limited clientele to serve them best while I attend school. It is a skill I’ve been blessed to learn and exceed at but know that in the future it will be fully laid down to go full blast in the ministry of the Gospel. Before Lee’s apprenticeship I came in quiet, insecure, and not great at talking in big social settings. Lee has played an even bigger role than teaching me to shoe horses. He was used as a great tool of God to build me into who I said I couldn’t become. He prepared me without knowing it to be who God needed me to be. Remember, God didn’t give you your purpose to do it alone. Not only is the design to have Him a part of it.. But He DESIRES to be a part of your life. And now here we are!
    Full of God’s glory ready to remind the devil where he belongs and set people free. Stay blessed!

    When we are in the process of finding a farrier for our horses there are a few things that are important to us. We value a farrier that will work on our horses like he is working on his own, with respect for the horse’s attitude and for the horse’s longevity. We also appreciate “non-cookie- cutter thinking,” where each horse has its own specific needs. We have found over the past few years that Lee has remained proactive in finding the best tools, studying and using the best techniques, and seeking further education. His care for detail is appreciated and Lee is highly recommended by us for any horse lover’s horse.

    Bret Robinson

    Eastland, TX

    Many horse owners do not have a full understanding of how an equine athlete needs to be trimmed or shod. I have fallen under this category. I have experienced a few different farriers for different reasons. I have a head horse that needed her coffin joints injected because of improper shoeing and too much pressure on the coffin joint. After switching to Lee Olsen the horse has not had a single problem with her front feet. As I got ready to sell this horse the customer had a pre-purchase exam done. Once X-Rays of the feet had been taken, the vet made a statement including, “If this horse had not been shod properly then you would have some major problems with the coffin joint, whoever is shoeing this horse is doing a nice job.” Lee takes his time and makes sure he is fitting the horse’s needs. I live two hours from Lee; I appreciate his care and passion for my horses, and I will drive to him to ensure my horses’ feet are being taken well care of.

    Clay Deen

    Wills Point, TX, Team Roper

    Lee is very professional and most importantly very knowledgable about his profession and very good at his job. Although Lee is already a outstanding farrier, he strives to learn more and become better than he already is and I value that. Lee takes the time to show his customers his work and explain why he does or does not do or recommend certain things, but also listens to the needs and desires of his clients. Thanks, Lee!

    Billie Ann Harmon

    Professional Barrel Racer & Futurity Trainer

    Lee has been shoeing my horses for some time now. He is very knowledgeable about horses’ feet and knows what your horse needs to be his best. He also takes the extra time shoeing your horse to make sure he travels correctly. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone. He is very dependable and will be on time every time. Check him out- he would be hard to beat.

    Harold Green

    Lipan, TX

    Performance horse owners know the importance of a reliable farrier, who’s not only knowledgeable, but a true horseman. Lee has shown great patience with our changing schedule and our horses. He makes individual recommendations for treatment and maintenance based on his evaluation of each horse. Lee’s passion and desire to improve each horse is refreshing. Lee Olsen is a rare find who checks all the boxes and we’re thankful to know him!

    Clyde & Amy Warner

    Azle, TX

    Lee has been shoeing my horses for several years now and I could not be happier. He is reliable and always contacts me when my horses are due. We had a horse founder and he did a great job on educating me on how to treat it and he used a special shoe for her and she is doing great now. He is also a very knowledgeable horseman and an accomplished roper. He has given me some great horsemanship advice as well as roping tips, and my roping has improved dramatically. He really takes good care of me and my horses. I always recommend Lee to anyone I come across.

    Paul Syptack

    Weatherford, TX

    I have been around horses my entire life and shoeing my own since I went to school. Been shoeing professionally off and on eight years. For me shoeing began to be something I dreaded. Lee has been a friend of mine for a few years and he always offered for me to jump in with him and go apprentice… Finally I took him up on it and it was the best thing I ever did. He has taught me so much about this trade. Everything from hands on shoeing, anatomy, business, and customer service. I have been an instructor in other aspects of life, and I know you can be the best at what you do but it takes a certain type to teach. He has a amazing talent for teaching.  He’s is a student of his craft and very open minded to other ideas. He is constantly thirsty for knowledge. Lee took me from a “horseshoer” to a farrier. He opened up new doors and I love this trade again. I am excited to go through the certification process this spring. If you wanna be the best, be around the best.

    Cody Sullins

    Stephenville, TX