2017 Shoeing & Trimming Clinics

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I am very pleased to offer 5 day shoeing and trimming clinics. In that time you will learn how to safely and confidently trim and shoe your own horses. Basic anatomy, conformation, and horsemanship will all be covered as well. It will be a week that will truly change your life. You will forever have the ability to shoe and trim your own horses. And if someday you decide you would rather pay someone else, you will always be able to replace lost shoes or trim when an emergency arises. Perhaps the most important part is that you will always know what a good shoeing is suppose to look like, and how the feet function.

  • Teaching and Farriery are both passions of mine, If you come to learn you will not be disappointed! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • You will not be a professional farrier upon completion. It takes many years to become a “Professional Farrier” no matter how you go about it.
  • Registration will be opening soon, so stay tuned for details. Each clinic will be limited to eight people.

By Lee Olsen

NOTE: See updated 2017 Clinic info here