Olsen Equine on the Marked for Greatness podcast

by Equine Hoof Care, OE News, Videos

Olsen Equine was featured on the Marked for Greatness podcast, the official podcast of the American Paint Horse Association. The podcast is co-hosted by Dr. Billy Smith, Executive Director of the APHA, and Steven Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer of the APHA.


Equine Entrepreneurs: This One Is For You! Marked For Greatness

Are you an equine business owner? Do you have questions about the best way to use social media? Have you struggled with how to grow your business? In this episode, Dr. Billy Smith and Steven Hayes sit down with Lee of Olsen Equine, a full farrier service based in Brock, TX. They discuss the success Olsen Equine has had in building one of the largest social media presences around hoof care and how Lee set up the business model for exponential growth in a short amount of time. Plus, Lee shares a few of his memories of his Paint Horse, Buddy, who raised him on his families ranch in South Dakota. The group also squeezed in a few moments to talk about a mutual friend, American Hats! No matter where you are in your social media journey or business career, this is an episode you’ll want to have on repeat.

Listen to it on apple podcast here.