I have known Lee for quite a while and he has been shoeing my horses for the past five years. He does a great job. He is hard working, trustworthy and always willing to work with you on special needs of your horses. He has also turned me on to Omnis cubes. They are easy to feed, clean and keep my horses looking great.

George McQuain

Production Manager, Classic Ropes

Lee Olsen has been a farrier in the Stephenville area for many years and works for many of our clients. He is easy to work along-side and has an excellent skill set.

Dr. Charlie Buchanan

Brazoz Valley Equine Hospital

I have worked with Lee on several cases and been impressed with his knowledge and ability to correctly shoe a horse. Lee is always very professional and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend him to shoe any type of horse whether it be basic shoeing or complicated corrective cases.

Dr. Ty Tipton

DVM DACVS-LA ESMS, Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, Weatherford, TX

Lee is a great farrier, and what sets him apart is his horsemanship skills and understanding the needs of the horse for all disciplines.

Rickey Green

Multiple NFR qualifier and champion, Morgan Mill, TX

It’s hard to find a farrier who truly wants to master their craft and will genuinely take an interest in maximizing your horses performance. Lee is top shelf in both categories.

Jake Link

Weatherford, TX

Lee is a very talented person. Good head on his shoulders.

Matt Lopez

Cutting horse trainer, Keldron, SD

When we are in the process of finding a farrier for our horses there are a few things that are important to us. We value a farrier that will work on our horses like he is working on his own, with respect for the horse’s attitude and for the horse’s longevity. We also appreciate “non-cookie- cutter thinking,” where each horse has its own specific needs. We have found over the past few years that Lee has remained proactive in finding the best tools, studying and using the best techniques, and seeking further education. His care for detail is appreciated and Lee is highly recommended by us for any horse lover’s horse.

Bret Robinson

Eastland, TX

Many horse owners do not have a full understanding of how an equine athlete needs to be trimmed or shod. I have fallen under this category. I have experienced a few different farriers for different reasons. I have a head horse that needed her coffin joints injected because of improper shoeing and too much pressure on the coffin joint. After switching to Lee Olsen the horse has not had a single problem with her front feet. As I got ready to sell this horse the customer had a pre-purchase exam done. Once X-Rays of the feet had been taken, the vet made a statement including, “If this horse had not been shod properly then you would have some major problems with the coffin joint, whoever is shoeing this horse is doing a nice job.” Lee takes his time and makes sure he is fitting the horse’s needs. I live two hours from Lee; I appreciate his care and passion for my horses, and I will drive to him to ensure my horses’ feet are being taken well care of.

Clay Deen

Wills Point, TX, Team Roper

Lee is very professional and most importantly very knowledgable about his profession and very good at his job. Although Lee is already a outstanding farrier, he strives to learn more and become better than he already is and I value that. Lee takes the time to show his customers his work and explain why he does or does not do or recommend certain things, but also listens to the needs and desires of his clients. Thanks, Lee!

Billie Ann Harmon

Professional Barrel Racer & Futurity Trainer

Lee has been shoeing my horses for some time now. He is very knowledgeable about horses’ feet and knows what your horse needs to be his best. He also takes the extra time shoeing your horse to make sure he travels correctly. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone. He is very dependable and will be on time every time. Check him out- he would be hard to beat.

Harold Green

Lipan, TX

Performance horse owners know the importance of a reliable farrier, who’s not only knowledgeable, but a true horseman. Lee has shown great patience with our changing schedule and our horses. He makes individual recommendations for treatment and maintenance based on his evaluation of each horse. Lee’s passion and desire to improve each horse is refreshing. Lee Olsen is a rare find who checks all the boxes and we’re thankful to know him!

Clyde & Amy Warner

Azle, TX

Lee has been shoeing my horses for several years now and I could not be happier. He is reliable and always contacts me when my horses are due. We had a horse founder and he did a great job on educating me on how to treat it and he used a special shoe for her and she is doing great now. He is also a very knowledgeable horseman and an accomplished roper. He has given me some great horsemanship advice as well as roping tips, and my roping has improved dramatically. He really takes good care of me and my horses. I always recommend Lee to anyone I come across.

Paul Syptack

Weatherford, TX

I have been around horses my entire life and shoeing my own since I went to school. Been shoeing professionally off and on eight years. For me shoeing began to be something I dreaded. Lee has been a friend of mine for a few years and he always offered for me to jump in with him and go apprentice… Finally I took him up on it and it was the best thing I ever did. He has taught me so much about this trade. Everything from hands on shoeing, anatomy, business, and customer service. I have been an instructor in other aspects of life, and I know you can be the best at what you do but it takes a certain type to teach. He has a amazing talent for teaching.  He’s is a student of his craft and very open minded to other ideas. He is constantly thirsty for knowledge. Lee took me from a “horseshoer” to a farrier. He opened up new doors and I love this trade again. I am excited to go through the certification process this spring. If you wanna be the best, be around the best.

Cody Sullins

Stephenville, TX

An investment that pays dividends

Whether as a horse owner or developing farrier, there is no better time to invest in your hoof care skills than the present. We are here throughout your training to help maximize your training for long-term dividends.