America Needs Us!

by Articles, Perspective

Do you remember that time when you were out in public and ran into a rude person? You know, the guy or lady that ruined your day or gave it their best shot? Did you ever wonder why they had to be like that?

I think it’s important to be nice to everyone, especially people that are in thankless jobs. Even if they do their jobs perfectly, they rarely get any acknowledgement or appreciation for it.  When you do run into these fine folks please be pleasant. Most of the people they see during their day are rude, unpleasant and don’t want to be there. I’d encourage you to just take one minute to say hello, ask them how there day is going, and say thank you. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Be nice- it will go farther than you think.

Making a difference doesn’t take that much effort, actually. It won’t take much of your time to totally change someone’s day, and in turn you can make a positive change in his or her life. No matter who you are or where you are, there is someone that could use your help.

Take shopping carts, for example. Do you have to put them away when you’re done with them? No. Is there someone who will do it if you don’t? Yes. To me that is at the same level as spitting your gum or chew in the urinal; there’s nothing illegal about it, but you are making someone else’s life harder because of your laziness.

We have enough people pulling this great country down, it all starts with each one of us doing our part. You might not be able to change the world but if you help someone who needs it, you will most definitely change theirs.

It’s easy to fall into the negative spiral, with all the news about our country on social media these days. Political opinions, scandals, crime, mass killings, and overall lack of humanity can dominate the news feed. At times it can seem like we Americans are not on the same team at all. However, if you would go outside, look around and talk to your neighbors, I think you would agree we are doing a lot better than the news would lead you to believe.

I know we are all busy and are usually in a hurry, but let’s not let that be an excuse not to be good to people.  When each of us, in our individual, daily efforts strives to make a difference, it truly does make a big impact. America needs us!

God bless America.