Category: Equine Hoof Care

Sedate that sucker

Have you ever looked at a horse’s feet and thought, “Wow that’s a bad job, I bet that horse is terrible to shoe”? No, chances are you haven’t. We all can be quick to judge in situations like that. For that reason and a couple others, we have a zero tolerance for... read more

Clips are useless

Have you ever seen clips on a horseshoe and wondered why? Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with clips, like when your horse loses a shoe and rips off all of his hoof wall.   I have noticed that there are a lot of people who really don’t like clips on their... read more

Shoeing is simple

Have you ever thought about how much a shoeing should cost? Maybe you’ve even thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of money for how much time the farrier spent.” While it can be tempting to equate value with the amount of time spent, how difficult or easy the job appears, it’s... read more

It Pays to Pay Attention

It Pays to Pay Attention Have you ever seen something or someone in life that was constantly taking on more than it or they were supposed to handle? For example, taking on more work, pressure, stress, etc. until one day they find they cannot take anymore and either... read more